Make Nine

Earlier this year, I posted about the Make Nine Challenge and was excited to participate. I hadn’t decided right away what I was going to make, but I’d started a queue in Ravelry and had picked 6 for my instagram post. As it worked out, I only finished 2 of those 6, but I did manage to finish 11 out of 9 projects this year. A feat I’m pretty proud of. Some projects on the originally list got replaced by other patterns and one I’m still hoping to finish in early 2019. There were a few baby knits this year, some shawls and hats. I also learned I really like knitting tiny acorns.

So I’m going to “sign up” for 2019. I enjoyed having a goal, even if it did move around. Rochelle from Homerow Fibre has already posted and people are posting their plans on Instagram already. You can read more about the project here.

So I’m going to spend the next few days picking out my 9 projects. But in the spirit of done is better than perfect, I decided to write about it today. I’ve got a lot of “to-dos” – take pictures of hte finished projects, post them on Ravelry, and so on, but rather than letting that list cripple me, I’m going to jump right in.

In the meantime, I can share a few photos of what I’ve done this year:

Here’s the project peace shawl from last year:

I gave it to my mom when I finished it – as she was often very cold last winter.

Here’s a Coming Home Sweater that I made for our cousin’s second little girl. I made matching hats for her and her big sister as well.

Interestingly enough all the yarn for these projects came from KnitCircus Yarns. I really like their colors, the yarns are lovely and the service is wonderful.

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