Nine in 2018 and A Year of Making

I love Instagram. It inspires me and keeps me amused. This year scrolling through my feed I found a post about committing to make nine items in 2018. I have never been one to plan my knits out, but thought it sounded like a nice change for me. I sat down and realized with a new baby in the family arriving in April, a sweater I wanted for myself, and a KAL that I thought my mind needed I may be able to do this.

As things tend to do, things started to align. Because while I still haven’t fully set up my bullet journal for 2018, Ravelry added a feature in which you can set a goal for 2018 and using your queue and project list track your progress. Pretty much my speed.

So far I have seven projects in progress, and 2 in my queue.

Here’s what I posted on Instagram earlier this year:

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