Planning for 2019

I saw a post on Instagram the other day that 2019 may be the year people start blogging again. Commenters posed a number of reasons ranging from stepping away from intrusive social media sites that dictate what you see or limit what you can say to a desire to just start writing again. I’ve never felt like I had a lot to say, nor anything that may appeal to an audience. The concept of having a spot to record things did appeal to me, so I’ll see if my activity of the last week has any stamina.

It has occurred to me that I seem to have been in a downward spiral over the past few years. Nothing drastic, just slipping behind. I’m working on a number of things for myself to improve my health – physically and mentally and part of that includes some planning. I did realize this year that knitting every day is very good for me. It slows me down, it takes me away from my phone (although Instagram is pretty tempting to see what others are working on and what new things are out there.

I’d been trying the bullet journal method for a few years, and it works well for me for daily/weekly tracking and taking notes, but I never really had the discipline to do the self guided planning. So this year, i decided to try the Ink + Volt planner. There are a lot of different ones out there, and I felt myself slipping into indecision which leads to inaction. However, this one seemed to be the most suited to my needs, and in the spirit of done is better than perfect, I ordered one. I’m excited to start the planning process.

Today I had some time to think about the Make Nine that I mentioned a few days ago, and sat down with Ravelry and started planning. I thought it would be hard for me to identify 9 projects, but I tried to be a little more deliberate and thought about what my goals were:

  • 2 color knitting
  • Hats for people I know and gifts
  • 2 color brioche
  • A sweater with some yarn I received for Christmas
  • Mittens
  • Something to show my daughter how much I love her
  • A structural challenge to make me think

With these goals in mind I reviewed my library and favorites and wound up with 11 projects for my Make Nine!

I created a collage before I realized that I did indeed have 11 and posted it to instagram:

The two I missed were:

  • Chiral by Woolly Wormhead. This will take me out of my comfort zone and teach me a few new techniques.
  • Charlotte’s Web Mittens by Tanis Gray which fulfills my desire to make two color mittens with a pattern that just makes me happy because I love the book so very much.

Some of the items in my list are repeats:

  • Classic Cuffed Hat by Purl Soho – I made one for Eliza and she’d like a second in a different color
  • Snow Ghost by Aimee Alexander – the first I made Chad was a little big, and I’d like one for myself as well. It may be time for us to all have matching hats again.
  • And there is a purpose behind each of the others as well:
  • North Stars Rising by Andrea Rangel was part of Knitstars 3.0 – I’d signed up for it, but wasn’t able to enjoy in it real time so I want to make sure I catch up.
  • Joy by Ysolda Teague has it’s own meaning for me that isn’t mine to share.
  • Water by Thea Coleman – I wish I could do more to help, but every little bit helps. I love Thea Coleman’s designs, which is probably why there are 2 in my queue this year.
  • Rolling Rock by Thea Coleman – I received some beautiful yarn this year for Christmas. I think this may the pattern for it. If the pattern and the yarn don’t work well together, I think I’ll keep this, but it may get pushed down in the queue.

Finally two more hats that I’ve been wanting to knit:

  • The Vermonter by Abi Gregorio is one that Eliza had asked for – I already have the yarn, so it may be the first on my needles
  • Timber Bay by Melissa Schaschwary – I found this one on Instagram (see comment above about inspiration) and really want to make it.

I’m really happy with this list, and am feeling good about a productive start to my planning process.

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