Project Peace

Every year for the last few years The Healthy Knitter has organized a worldwide knit along/celebration/discussion regarding peace. She designs a special pattern, writes daily blog posts and encourages knitters to knit for peace in December. She can explain it much better than I – if you are interested go here to learn more.

Ideally, I’d have written this post in November, or even early in December, but I didn’t. As for everyone, life happens, and I haven’t been a consistent blogger in, well honestly, ever. So if I stuck with my normal pattern, I’d think about this post, feel regret that I didn’t do it in time, and just do nothing.

So instead I’ll write today. It’s not too late. Yesterday’s Project Peace post was about pledging peace. I wrote what I want to do:

I’d like to change my way of thinking/doing. I need to get out of my paralysis of inaction and just start. So here I go. My last post mentioned the make nine challenge. I did pretty well with that this year. I’ll talk more soon about that.

For now I’m going to hit publish and start as I mean to go on.

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