A new project and a completed project

I finished C’s socks. Of course I don’t have the yarn information with me, so I’ll have to update this. But here they are for now:

I’m happy with them. The yarn was a little splitty, so they weren’t a particularly fast knit, but he likes the color and they fit, so that’s good. These are the first socks I knit for him. I think there will be more.

I would have liked to have made the stripes line up better, but there’s always next time.

I started my “Cutaway” from ChicKnits this week. I checked my gauge and found I actually had to go up a needle size — this is a new thing for me, I usually go down a needle size, so it was quite the scramble through my needle box looking for the right sizes. With my inventory, it’s usually not a problem. The yarn is Berocco Ultra Alpaca in the Marsh Mix. So far it’s a really nice yarn to knit with. I’m new to the fitted sweater concept, so it seems really small so far, but I’m going to trust Bonne’s sizing and not my own judgement, considering my judgement gives me sweaters that could carry me through the full term of a pregnancy. I’ve knit about 36 rows so far, but here are some pictures of the swatch and yarn:

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