Man, I’ve been knitting a long time

I realized this weekend I’ve been knitting for 20 years now, with a 3 year break for graduate school. In that time I counted 16 adult sweaters knit, at least 7 kids, and a full layette set. I have no clue how many booties and hats I’ve knit. So, this blog should be good for me to start tracking stuff. When we’re back in the house, my goal will be to back track through my storage bins and try to log past projects.

Obviously I am more of a sweater knitter than other items. I’ve always enjoyed sweaters because I enjoy the process & the product (I’ve always been a sweater girl). I’m relatively new to the world of socks, but am having fun with them too. Unfortunately, I find them like sleeves, I really have to push myself to finish the second. However, since there is a name for that “second sock syndrome,” I know I’m not alone.

Current work in progress: I’m really moving along on the back of cutaway. I love the yarn and the pattern. I usually shy away from stockinette, but this is really enjoyable to knit. I’ll try to get a progress shot. I’ve finished the sleeve shaping and am working my way up to the top.

I also have a second sock on the needles, but don’t seem to have a photo. It’s a fun yarn that I got two big skeins of. E picked out the color for us to have matching socks. Goofy, yes, but it doesn’t hurt anyone.

2 thoughts on “Man, I’ve been knitting a long time

  1. I, too, have lost track of all the things I’ve knitted over the years. However, some of them are best forgotten, made out of squeaky acrylic yarn in the years before everyone rediscovered knitting and the yarn shops started opening up again. I’m also a sweater girl, too–in fact, I’ve never knit socks because I’m sure I’d suffer from second sock syndrome. I think it’s easier to persevere for the second sleeve of a sweater, because of all the work done up to that point. I think I’d find it too easy to simply abandon a single sock….

    Keep on blogging–I’d like to see more of your work!

  2. thanks for visiting my blog to share frustration with some blog services that do not link comments to their source. TypePad, my service, was of no help–told me to go to the particular service.

    enjoyed viewing your knitting. hope the noni bag was a felting success. yours, naomi,

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