Warm feet, warm ears

I finished the socks for the little one. She really likes the feather and fan pattern on the leg which I got from Wendy‘s toe up pattern.

These were made from some leftover Fortissima Colori (75% Superwash wool & 25% Polyamid)Color #2402. I’d made her a pair two years ago, but they’d gotten “too tight, mama!”

So I made these with a 52 stitch foot on 2.25mm needles, increasing 2 stitches and switching to three needles, so that I could work the 18 stitch feather and fan repeat.

I’m also working on the Calorimetry. I checked my gauge three times, finally settling on a size 9 needle, which still seemed a little small for the gauge. However, it got big. Here’s what I’ve got so far.

I think I’m going to sew it together and skip the button detail. The plan was to make one for me and one for E out of matching yarn (I stole that idea from Scoutj). I’m making hers with a 90 88 stitch cast on. We’ll see how it goes. I have now cast on three times because I can’t estimate yarn needed, can’t count, and can’t divide by 4. Oh well.

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