Happy New Year

I really am trying something new this year. I’ve never had resolutions, or even done yearly goals. Two days ago I attended a vision mapping webinar, and spent a few hours working on my 2019 vision map. Today I worked some more on it, and took pen to my brand new planner and just started writing. Done is better than perfect is a phrase that I hear a lot, and even have said, but I am really going to try to embrace it this year. I have a word for the year, and the more often I say it and write it the more I realize it is the word I need for 2019.


So I’ve got a pile of papers and my planner in front of me, and I’m ready to jump into 2019 with both feet.

Part of that will be daily knitting. I’ll be working on the projects that need finishing and the ones that I listed for my make nine. I’m really feeling hopeful about 2019 for so many reasons.

Another part of 2019 will be moving daily, and to start as I mean to go on yesterday my daughter and I took our dog up the hill to get outside and wear us all out a bit.

Walking down I realized that the trees that my husband and I planted when we bought the house have grown quite a bit.

In knitting news, I’ve been focusing on my midwinter moon MKAL. I’m still in the second (of four) clues which have all been released, but I’ve hit a stride and am really enjoying the knitting.

I’m really looking forward to 2019.

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