Roses & Thorns

It’s been an interesting week. Some good  and some bad. Nothing gloriously wonderful and no real disasters, just a lot of ups and downs, or as we refer to them in our monthly reports – roses & thorns.

  • All week Ace has woken me up a half hour before my alarm is set to ring: Thorn
  • I’ve used the time to work out and relax a bit: Rose
  • I had an unexpected trip to the city: Thorn
  • It was really productive: Rose
  • I started a new hat on my make nine list (The Vermonter): Rose
  • I had the wrong needles: Thorn
  • I found the right ones: Rose
  • My gauge was REALLY OFF: Thorn
  • Ace woke me up at 5 (See first item): Thorn
  • According to Waze I’d get to work at 7:30. So I decided to get bagels for our team who is working really hard: Rose
  • I treated myself to a coffee: Rose
  • The coffee tipped over on my desk (still not sure HOW) and spilled all over, splashing me, my computer and my new gratitide pad (irony?): THORN
  • It was black, and not the latte I had considered: Rose
  • Any found time I had was spent cleaning my desk: Thorn
  • I have a clean desk: Rose

So, all in all I think it’s been a good week. :). I’m going to write out today’s to-do list and eat some breakfast and hit today hard. I hope you do too.


Here’s some evidence of the spill. I decided it was best to clean rather than document.

All the coffee that’s left:

And to keep the knitting content going, the third try on the hat.

Honestly I’m still not sure if it’s right. There’s no gauge listed in the pattern. (It’s free, and I’m not complaining, just a comment).

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