More Monsters!

So, as I stated in my last post, E and her teacher thought it would be great if I could knit a monster for her science teacher’s new little girl. I do love making these little monsters, so it wasn’t a tough sell. I did think it was time to change up patterns, so I went looking and found this one: Presley Cash from Rebecca Danger. I really liked the idea that she had specifically designed it for her own newborn, and it is JUST SO CUTE! So, after some discussion with the ten year old, I pulled some yarn from the stash (should I mention that it was actually E’s yarn that she’d picked out last year), and cast on. I had thought it had taken me a long time to finish, but as I’m concurrently updating my ravelry projects while I type this post out (and I wonder why I never get anything done), I realized I’d actually finished it in 11 days. And during that time I had the world’s worst head cold. Not really, but the drama keeps us laughing at my house. So last night I finished the second leg and assembled the little monster:

The assembly was fun, no one really understood the way he’d go together. The teeth had me a little concerned, but the directions were great, and once I started, they came together.
photo 1.JPG

I immediately sat him down with Tabitha (who I’ll write about another day):
Presley & Tabitha

So, because Mr. N has an older daughter, I feel like it would be best to make her a little monster too. I seem to feel a strong need to give older siblings gifts as well as new babies. Could be because I was the oldest, could be because I’m a nut. Not sure which.

So, we picked out another skein of yarn last week, that I’ll be winding tonight to start a new monster.

I have been perusing the patterns, but I think I may stick with Iris. I thought the embroidered eyes worked on her (the big sister is only three), and I seem to be pretty partial to this pattern.

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