WIP Wednesday: Trying something new

While the monsters are taking a lot of my time, I do have another project on the needles. I decided it was time to try a shawlette. Many of the podcasts I listen to have been talking about them, from Stash & Burn to Double Knit and The Knitmore Girls, it seems that whenever I listen someone is talking about shawlettes. Additionaly, my feed reader has been blooming shawlettes as well. I have to admit, they just didn’t have the pull for me that they seemed to have for other people, but I was intrigued. Then I started to see Hitchhiker popping up all over the place. The idea of such a geometric pattern caught my attention, and then I saw some people working on Lintilla and decided that I’d like to give it a whirl.

I found some fun yarn from ZarzuelasFibers – her Chakra series. I had picked out the Vishuddha, and when I received it I decided I’d try it with the Lintilla. I love the idea behind the naming of the colors, and have enjoyed watching Jessica’s journey to become a yoga instructor and learning from her about the practice. So, when she ran a special I jumped at the opportunity to try some.

I’m taking my time with this, and I have to admit, I’m not convinced the yarn and the pattern are working together, but I do love them each separately. I’ll give it a few more repeats, and then decide.

Overall I like the way the pattern is coming together:

I just think that the color repeats may be better suited in a stockinette rather than than a garter stitch:

I just don’t know. So, I’ll keep at it and see what I think. Any input is welcome.

2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Trying something new

  1. Personally? I *LOVE* it!! I think it blends the colors really nicely. Take a step back from it like your first pic and see what you think. 🙂 Thanks for the mention! And I really need to make something for myself in this colorway…

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