Finished the cowl!

Today I finally finished my Cambrian Cowl. I’m not sure exactly why it took me so long. I love Ravelry, but it can certainly keep me honest. I started it in October. It was definitely a relacely quick knit, I just wanted to take mt time to sew on my buttons.

Basically, I’m happy with it. I took a quick picture with my phone:

I’d wanted to finish it yesterday, but had managed to put the buttons in such a safe spot that I couldn’t find them till it was too late.

On a non knitting note, it’s finally starting to feel like winter (again) around here. Last night we watched Eliza’s performance in the Nutcracker, and today we finally got to go skiing!

So in less than 12 hours she goes from this:


To here:


It was a short ski day for me – with so few trails open, I really only took 3 runs. It was so great to be out there.


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