New England Fiber Finds

So, while I didn’t find any buttons at the New England Fiber Festival this weekend, I did find something I’d never seen before. A wise person, (aka Savanahchik) said she likes to buy things at fiber festivals that she can’t get at home. I definitely agree with this philosophy – it’s fun to get things that I can’t get easily, and to look for things that I’ve never seen before. The bag and mug fit that bill. Yesterday, I stopped by a booth of a company I’d never heard of before – Hope Spinnery. All of their wool is processed using wind power. I realized on my way home that I should have asked if they would do custom processing, but a quick glance at their site tells me they do. After hearing Jasmine (from the Knitmore Girls) talking about sending her fleeces off to get processed I’ve been intrigued. I’d love to make yarn from sheep to garment, but I have to admit the idea of processing them does seem overwhelming (let’s not even talk about the fact that I don’t really spin much). But, when I am ready, I think the idea of processing it via wind power is quite tempting.

Well, short story long, I found a couple of things at their booth that I thought would be fun. Not only do they sell yarn, they have patterns and kits. I thought this hat looked fun:

I have to admit, packaging can really sell me. It isn’t much, but I loved the idea of a jar full of hat and apparently Calvin does too):

The Tree Line Hat sounds like a perfect ski hat!

I’m not sure when I’ll start the hat, but I’m glad I picked it up! Tomorrow, for the last New England Fiber Show post, I’ve got a few pictures of some cute animals!

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