When the weather starts to turn

You can feel it in the air – the 90 degree days are pretty much behind us now, the evenings are getting cooler, and twitter streams are turning to cooler winter wear. In fact I even saw reference to a Rhinebeck sweater yesterday!

I’ve been trying to find motivation to work on my Dale sweater, but my knitting mojo seemed to have taken a a break. Every time I thought I was back in the swing, something went wonky. There was the increase in the center of the sleeve, rather than along the seam line, there was the bad counting at the beginning of the first pattern row, then there was using the wrong color. I think I will have knit three sleeves by the time I have two done. So, no new pictures, and seriously does the second sleeve offer much more to look at?

The other thing that’s been delaying the knitting is something I’ve been wanting to do all summer, but the foot surgery didn’t let me get started quite as quickly as I’d wanted. But I finally got clearance for activity and have been going to yoga classes and spending time with an old friend:
My bike

Yup, that’s the bike I had in high school. It’s pretty old. We’d cleaned it up last summer, and put new tires on it. E & I took a few rides last year, but this year, I’ve really tried to push myself. So, I’ve been riding on my street – I’ve got a 6 mile route that has some hills to it that I can knock out in about a half hour. That’s not much to those who bike for real, but I’m trying to get back in shape after a really long time, so I’m taking it slowly. I did manage to ride 21 miles last Saturday on one of our local bike trails – so I’m feeling pretty good about my progress. I’ve also managed to get my average mph over 12 mph on the road.

And what does this have to do with my Dale Sweater? We are about 12 weeks from ski season around here. I want to rock the sweater and the slopes.

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