And on the other arm

Having finished the first sleeve – which I’m still not sure if I like enough to keep – what else was I supposed to do but start the next one? Excitement abounds sround here, let me tell you.

That said, it has been an inordinately busy time around here. E, who has been playing softball for years was selected to play on the All-Stars team for our town. It was a tournament of highs and lows, beginning with a loss (it’s a double elimination tournament) which fired the girls up to take them to the finals. At the end they did lose, but to a really good team, and having played a great game.

So, now that softball is over, our thoughts turn to snowfall. Yesterday we drove north to drop E off at dry-land camp – summer training for ski season!

It was a great opportunity fore to get the sleeve going, and I took it:


Saturday we pick her up and head south for vacation. At this rate, this sweater actually has a chance!

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