Slow and steady

One of the nice things about knitting slowly is while you may not have a new sweater the winter you start it, there’s a new one on deck in the fall! I’d put my Keelin away last spring when it was evident that there was no way the weather would cooperate with me, so I didn’t want to rush the finishing. I’ve mentioned before how I tend to rush through the finishing and then dislike my end product. Another frustration I’ve had is with hand-knit cardigans in general. Somehow they just never look as good as the picture on the pattern.

One of the podcasts I listen to is the Knitmore Girls, a Mother Daughter Podcast. Jasmine and her mom, Gigi are fun to listen to, and often have some great tips. Gigi is an accomplished seamstress and they both often talk about the importance of finishing. I’d heard other people talk about better button band finishing, so I decided that my Keelin was too nice to fall into my standard finishing trap. So I checked out Jasmine & Gigi’s Grosgrain Ribbon and Couture tutorials to see how it worked. Two trips to the big sewing and stuff store I found some ribbon and thread and decided to give it a whirl.


Today I sewed the ribbon on my button band. I have started sewing the buttons, but after sewing three on, I decided I didn’t like how the first two looked. So I will be re-doing those.

I may have a new sweater tomorrow. But if I don’t, it will be because I’m refusing to rush this.

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