Shifting gears

As the summer comes to a crashing end, it amazes me every year how everything seems to start at once. This year is no exception. First week of school, ballet starts up, Nutcracker auditions (our local dance group does a big show every year), planning for ski season, fall foliage and cooler days.

All of these things I love, but when it all comes at once it can seem so overwhelming. How can we get down to the city for a weekend, when will we see friends, how will I get the house cleaned up (always on my list, but never checked off)? Days like today bring it home so quickly too – not very warm and overcast.

These days, I have small projects on my needles. The one I’m focusing on most at the moment is a custom pair of socks from Cat Bhordi’s book “New Pathways for Sock Knitters.” I’m using the Riverbed architecture to make a ribbed sock with some Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn that I bought at Webs. It’s a bamboo blend, and I really am enjoying working with it. I took a few pictures of the finished sock and the toe being modeled by Orson – the world’s most easy going monkey.
Orson even took a try at knitting.

Those pictures were taken yesterday, today was much grayer. So, I decided to bake banana muffins for breakfasts this week. Something to warm up the kitchen and distract me from more mundane chores.
I think I’m ready for fall. Mentally at least.

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