Planning and preparation

While I’m more of a product knitter than a process knitter I still love planning. I recently purchased a copy of Cat Bhordi’s book New Pathways for Sock Knitters. I’d actually been looking for her second one, but they didn’t have it, and being an instant gratification kind of person, I purchased this one. I read through it and have already knit the first sock (pictures? of course I don’t have any). I was quite intrigued with the lettered stitch markers, and since I knew I wanted to learn and knit more from the book, I needed some. A few years ago, I became quite enamoured with the lovely stitch markers people are making and thought I’d give it a whirl. I wrote about my first attempt here. After a trip to a box store for some inexpensive supplies, and a little time alone, I was pleased with my results:

I’ve yet to put them to use, but the sock yarn is piling up, so I need to get knitting!

My daughter is a big fan of my knitting, which I have to admit pleases me to no end. I’ve knit her a few hats (again pictures are lagging, but I’m on it). In the meantime, I’ve also been quite intrigued with the Spud & Chloe line of yarns and patterns. E loves funky, so this hat seems perfect. Earlier this year my mom, sister and I took a trip to Webs and I came home with the yarn and the pattern:

However, now the temperatures are rising, so hats are less popular. I’m going to have some time to myself for a couple of weeks, so I’ve got a new project in the wings. Planning. I sure do seem to enjoy it!

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