Sweaters and such

So, the sweater I planned on finishing in November is still in process. Good progress has been made, I’m working on the second sleeve, so I know it will get finished. Whether or not it happens in time for this season is still up in the air. March has proven to provide wild temperature fluctuations, so it isn’t out of the question. Here’s where it was last time I took a picture:

Since then one sleeve is finished. Since it’s all done in one piece, the sweater is a little unwieldly now, and Calvin feels the need to cuddle on it when I’m knitting, which is highly ironic since he’s normally such a little twerp.

Just because the sweater isn’t progressing doesn’t mean I haven’t been knitting. I think this has been one of my more productive winters. I’ve made baby sweaters, hats, slippers. I still need to take pictures, but I did a great hat for E during the olympics. With a young ski racer in the house, a hat like Lindsey Vonn’s was inevitable.

E’s teacher had a baby in November, and E thought it would be nice to make a sweater for the little guy. So, I was happy to pitch in. Here’s a gratuitous in the snow progress shot:

And finished:

I’m still learning how to use light in my photos. As you can see I don’t quite have it down yet.

There’s more to show, but I think I’ll post and save the rest for another time (hopefully sooner than 4 months).

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