Socks and another Hat!

I seem to be on a finishing streak around here. We’ll see how long it lasts. I finished my Inga hat this weekend, just in time for the weather to warm up. I wanted to take a picture before I steamed it, to remind myself how much blocking helps:

And after steaming:

Doesn’t seem much different in the photos, but there is a big difference. The stitches look a lot better after blocking.

Project Details:
Pattern: Inga Hat
Yarn: Sublime Merino, Purple, off white and pink
Needles: size 3 and 5

I also finished socks for E. This was my first attempt at two socks on two circs:

I think I did an extra row on one sock.

Yarn: Interlacements Tiny Toes in the blues
Pattern: Toe up with feather and fan legs (54 stitches around)
Needles: Size 0 (2.0mm)

Having tried two socks on two circular needles, I decided it was time to try two socks on one circular needle. I’d picked up Melissa Morgan-Oakes Book, 2-at-a-time Socks recently and wanted to give it a try. So, I cast on the lovely Yarn Nerd 900 MHz mini merino that I won on Adam’s blog (I’ve never won anything before, so I was pretty excited). I decided I’d give the Monkey Socks a try. I’ve seen a lot of people having fun with this pattern, and so I figured I’d jump on the bandwagon. For some reason I felt the need to doubly challenge myself by trying a new technique and a new pattern. So far it’s going okay. I’m not sure I’m sold on the two at a time concept, but it’s fun to try new stuff! Here’s an initial shot of the project:

I really like this yarn. It’s smooth, and not at all splitty, and the colors are fun to watch come out! It isn’t a color I would have picked off the shelf, but I do like it a lot!

4 thoughts on “Socks and another Hat!

  1. Knitting is less fun when you don’t keep trying new things, isn’t it? I have yet to sample two socks either way, but it’s in my plans for the future. No SSS!

    I love the blue socks. Very pretty.

  2. Like Mandella I’m hoping to end SSS by trying this method. Did you find it easier to finish both socks at once? By the way gorgeous hat and socks.

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