Hats & Mitts

I am loving this Inga Hat. I finished C’s on Sunday.

Project Details:
Pattern: Inga Hat by Sheila Macdonald
Yarn: Sublime Yarns Extra Fine Merino Wool DK (Blue, Ivory, Pink)
Needles: 3.25mm and 3.75mm

Notes: I blocked the heck out of this, and it seems to fit C pretty well. If I had to do it again, I think I’d add another braid (even though I am really not fond of knitting the braid and maybe find room for more stitches and see if I can make it a little longer too.

I’ve already started mine. Finished the braid tonight.

After I finished the hat, I decided to cast on a pair of Maine Morning Mitts from Clara Park’s The Knitters Book of Yarn. I have to admit I’ve seen a lot of mitts over the past few years, and I’ve been very skeptical. After finishing the Moebius scarf, I had an entire skein of Noro Silk left over. I had planned to return it and exchange it for some Noro Sock yarn. However after reading the Maine Mitt pattern, I thought it might be nice to make my mother-in-law some matching mitts for her scarf. So I cast on Sunday evening and had one done by the end of the night. By last night I’d finished the bulk of the second with only the thumb to do. I am a mitt convert. They are comfortable, warm and fast!
Maine Mitts

I definitely see more of these in my future. 2008 may be my year of repeat knits!

Right now I’m going to finish my Inga hat. I need to figure out if I have any washable worsted in my stash. There’s a call for squares, and I’d like to help out.

4 thoughts on “Hats & Mitts

  1. You know, I’ve never knitted a project twice, well apart from plain socks, that is. I’ve never knitted a pair of mitts either. Send good knitting vibes over here to help me mend my ways!

  2. That hat is a work of art. The braid is very intriguing and I’m tempted to try it just for the braid although the rest of it is gorgeous too. Nice mits. My daughter wants a pair of fingerless mitts but where we live the average temp. is -35 degrees C at this time of year. I’m going to knit a pair for my mother in law who lives in a warmer climate. Lovely wool and colors. Right now I’m haveing first and second mitt syndrome so it is inspiring to see so much lovely work being done.

  3. The hat is gorgeous! Nice work.
    Mitts are addicting. They’re fast, easy and everyone really loves them. I must have made at least 20 pairs of wristwarmers in the last few months!

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