Dragon Socks and the fair and more sock knitting

Well, no ribbons for my socks this year. But I’m really glad I tried. I didn’t get to see them (we went away), but C & E checked on them for me. The feedback I got was that the ribbon winners were more colorful as well as textured, and done with very fine stitches. So, considering these were knit on 2.75mm rather than 2.00 I can’t complain. Like I said, I’m glad I tried.

I’ve been working on some gifts, so I’m hesitant to blog about them yet. However when I need something small to work on, I’ve been pulling out the Double Eyelet Rib socks from Wendy. She’s been busy creating a bunch of wonderful patterns available at the Loopy Ewe. Unfortunately, they are currently out of stock, but they’ll be getting more soon.

Here’s how the Double Eyelet socks are looking these days:

It’s amazing how much these socks stretch.

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