Never too old to learn

A few weeks ago I listened to an interesting pod-cast from David Reidy who does Sticks & String, a show I enjoy tremendously. Each week he does a thoughtful essay. That particular episode was about learning, from other knitters and teaching as well. I like to think I’ve got plenty more to learn – as evidenced by my dragon socks. However, I have to admit that I thought I had the basics down pretty well, until I started reading Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitting Workshop and realized that I’d been purling the lazy way for some time. I’m not sure when I started doing it this way, but I’m pleased that a lot of my questions about decreasing (k2tog) are answered by the fact that I was knitting “wrong.” I’ve been looking for pictures that illustrate what I’ve been doing, versus what I should do, but haven’t been able to find any. Basically, what I need to remember is that the working loop should be in front, regardless of whether I’m knitting in the round or back and forth. I’m looking forward to finishing the book, and finding out what else I don’t know!

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