I’ve discovered a new pattern set this year, that I’ve been having a lot of fun knitting. I follow a lot of various knitters and designers on Twitter and Instagram, and had seen the Antler Hat by tincanknits around, and was intrigued by it’s simple elegance. Early this E asked for a new hat, but she decided she wanted something more neutral, after all the neon and bright colors of the past few years. Our local yarn store had some lovely local yarn from the Wooly Spruce Farmstead. So I cast on and got to work. She’s very happy with it, and wore it through the winter.


Since then we discovered a few babies were on the way, and I thought what better pattern for people who love to be outside than a pattern with antlers!  I had so much fun making E’s hat, I decided to make one for each new baby and the big brother as well! I decided a hat and sweater set would be a nice gift for our new cousin, so I purchased the matching Antler Sweater and cast on. I was excited to discover that Malabrigo made a super wash merino and thought it would make a soft sweater that was relatively easy to care for. I was very happy with the yarn, and really enjoyed working with it.

I found the buttons at Fringe Supply Company, a lovely store that I’ve been following since its inception (I believe). They have such fun items. The ribbon was from an Etsy seller. I usually like to purchase locally, but it’s been a bit nuts lately, so I found small businesses outside of my area to support.

I’m very pleased with the first set. As soon as the hat is completely dry we’ll send it off to the expectant parents!


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