Wednesday WIP: Slogging pays

As suspected, once I hit the color-work on my Dale Sweater the yoke was going to fly by. I cast off the second shoulder this evening:

This is when I’m really glad I knit the sleeves first. I’m not sure I’d have the will to continue after pushing through this body.

Here’s a close up of the unblocked yoke:

What’s amazing is once the knitting is complete, the taupe really seems to pop. When on the needles, it was very hard to differentiate it from the white.

I’ve got a lot more to do, least of all sewing in the ends, but next step after blocking is STEEKING! Now that I’ve done it a few times, I no longer dread it. I can’t wait!

I didn’t realize that the sweater had a cord at the hem, so I’ve been searching for accessory kits and debating the value of a Dale Zipper. I think I’ll wait till it’s blocked so I can measure the opening.

We got some of the leap year day snow storm today, but I didn’t get any pictures. If there’s still snow in the morning, I’ll try to capture it. I hope if you were in the path of the storm you are staying warm!

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