Finally Colorwork!

So, the slog through the miles and miles of white stockinette (or 20 inches – which still felt like miles) is finally complete. As I suspected, once I got through it, the color work would seem to fly, simply because I lack any sort of self control and would have to keep going. The other night I cast off the center stitches for the collar, so now I’m working back and forth. That has slowed my progress down. I also think the realization that I will have a LOT of ends to weave in has caused me to knit a bit slower. That said, I am creeping toward the end:

This project has certainly been an adventure. I’m hoping the blocking process cures a lot of ills. I noticed at one point that my gauge seems to have varied on occasion. I’m sure it had something to do with my moods:
Gauge issues

While I’m sorry that I didn’t finish this sweater in time for the winter (and with the weather this week, I’m not holding out hope that we’ll see any significant winter weather anytime soon), I have still managed to enjoy the season. Sunday I got a nice full day of skiing in:

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