Some Assembly Required

While my holiday knitting was done, I was still feeling the pressure, because it always takes longer than I expect for the pieces to dry. While often the drying is the last step in the process (in the case of the slippers I made a few years ago, the birdhouses had a bit of assembly that had to be done before I could truly consider them complete.

Chad helped me figure out how to block and dry them. It was quite a pantry based system:

Due to a surplus of vacation days, that somehow snuck up on me, I took today off. After baking two more batches of Spritz and some peanut blossoms I ran into to town to get some hardware for the birdhouses. It was quite the adventure. I’d tried at a craft store last night, but in spirit with my “Shop Local” theme of 2011, the local hardware store came through for me. I explained what I wanted to do, and they sent me to aisle 15 to pick out what I needed. A quick consultation with Chad confirmed my thoughts, and I was on my way!

Tonight I put the pieces together:

I will try to get some pictures during the day this weekend, but I wanted capture something tonight. I’m very happy with how they turned out. They aren’t as tailored as the pictures from the pattern, they look more like elf houses to me, but I think they are perfect for their recipient.

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