Making the long weekend count

This morning, things weren’t looking great for today. Both washers were running (clothes & dish and none of us had a lot of motivation. Suddenly Chad looked up and said, “we’re leaving in 45 minutes.” Of course Eliza & I both wanted to know where we were going.

He’d decided it was a good day for a hike, and he was definitely right. It was an absolutely beautiful day. So we got ourselves ready and drove over to Mount Greylock. We hadn’t really been hiking before, so we weren’t too sure what to expect, or where to go. We figured it out, and had a great day! I didn’t bring the big camera, but took a few camera pictures:


There was a little snow in the woods:

It was a great chance to spend time together:

There was a lot of running water:

We hiked a particular part of the mountain that at one time was planned for a ski area. We found the lift towers (which HAD to be climbed):

It was a wonderful afternoon:

I hope whatever you did today, it was wonderful!

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