Limping my way through stockinette

So a few weeks ago, my left elbow hurt after I took a somewhat long (for me) bike ride. I thought it was just irritated, so I waited a few weeks before I called the doctor. Well after three months of it getting worse, I finally called. Long boring story short, I have tennis elbow. I’ve been doing therapy for the past week, and I think it’s going to help, but it won’t be instantaneous.

I think part of what caused it is my knitting – I am a continental knitter, so it probably is part of why my elbow went out on me. So, right now I’m icing my elbow as I contemplate what is on my needles. My Dale Sweater which is quite likely the culprit:

18 inches of stockinette before I put in the steek stitches, in size 3.5mm needles.

So, to try to provide a little relief I thought it might help to cast on something in a heavier yarn. I had just received my copy of Coastal Knits and knew I wanted to do something from there. I have never knit a cowl, so the Cambrian Cowl seemed like a logical project to balance out the Dale Sweater. It is certainly a fun knit. And it fits well in my new bag from Jessalu!

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