A walk in the snow

It’s no surprise that the northeast experienced an early snow storm last weekend. We had our first snow October 27th, and while most people weren’t ready, physically or mentally, I have to say we were more ready mentally than many. All day Friday we checked on the accumulation predictions, and I was pretty excited to see 6-8 predicted as of Friday afternoon. Well, when it started on Saturday, it was obvious pretty soon that the early predictions were very conservative. The drive home from ballet rehearsal drop off was uneventful, but the drive to pick E up took twice as long as usual. It kept coming down till after midnight. Chad pulled out the tape measure:

The snow had stopped by morning, but it was beautiful:


It was a lot of snow:

I borrowed E’s snow shoes and took a trip up the hill. It was the best idea I’d had in a long time. It was a long hike up:

It looked like someone else thought a hike across the field was a good idea:

Even from half-way up, it’s a beautiful view:

Definitely a bluebird sky:

The trip down was much faster. I went around the field, and down a little walking path we’d cut:

For a brief moment, I considered going down the direct route:

Finally decided to take the roundabout way. All in all, it was a wonderful trip!

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