Next in the queue – sewing queue, that is

So, with the successful completion of the genie costume, I seem to have reignited my desire to sew. A few years ago (yes years) I made a Noni bag. I have been procrastinating the finishing process for the last 4 and a half years. I purchased material for lining, feet, and a magnetic closure. I bought acrylic handles. I had all the materials, what I lacked was the confidence to sit and do it. And some time. Little things.

Well at Rhinebeck last month, I decided to bite the bullet and buy some leather handles for the purse. Part of my hesitance was a lack of love for the acrylic handle.

So, I have the handles. I have also become a pretty steady regular at the local JoAnn Fabric store. While E had ballet tonight I ran up there to get some thread. While there I had a brainstorm – I’d remembered when Lisa Lam from U*Handbag wrote her book The Bag Making Bible. I was sorely tempted, but just couldn’t justify purchasing a book that I wasn’t convinced I use.

Well, with the commitment of leather handles, and a strong desire to finish this bag, I knew I was ready for the book. So tonight I have a new book to read.

I’m looking forward to creating a lining for this purse. While it’s too late tonight to take any good pictures, I will try to document this project a little better than the costume.

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