A slight diversion

I did finish the last sleeve of the cardigan (Last sleeve sounds like I’m an octopus, second would be more accurate). Now I need to block and finish, but I decided to start  a pair of socks. I want to make a pair for E’s teacher. E’s having a great year, and I would like to say thank you in a special way. I liked the Riverbed pattern when I made them before, so I thought it would be simple if I tried the same pattern. In Cat Bhordi’s book New Pathway’s for Sock Knitters the Riverbed pattern was shown with a simple little lace pattern “Rushing Rivulet.” Miss C. loves the Hudson River, so I thought the pattern was quite appropriate.

I started with some yarn I had in my stash – some beautiful yarn from my Scout’s Swag yarn club. However, as I worked the toe, I realized that the subtlety of the color that I loved so much just wasn’t going to work for these socks.

I’ve heard great things about Malbrigo Sock Yarn, so when I saw it at Colorful Stitches, I thought I’d like to try it. Then when I saw the color, I knew it was perfect:
Malabrigo Sock

I’d hoped to take advantage of some work travel to put a big dent in these. However after getting through about 3 inches, I realized my gauge was WAY off. Because these are a gift, and a surprise, I’m estimating on the size. However when I tried them on, I knew they were way too big. So I ripped them out and started over. On the bright side I now feel very good about the figure 8 cast on, and I really do like the star toe.

Well, as of this morning, I’d gotten to the end of the yarn I wound back onto the ball. So I’m officially back where I was two days ago.

I do love this pattern, it’s simple yet compelling. A combination that I hope will keep these moving.

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