An eternal optimist

Somehow I always seem to think I can finish projects faster than I actually can. Last November I started Keelin, with the best of intentions. I’d ordered yarn for another sweater, and really thought that I’d get to another sweater this winter. Silly me.

I have made progress. I’m on the last sleeve. I laid the pieces out today:

I had a brief moment, when I laid the one sleeve down and thought it was a front piece. But I realized my mistake before complete panic set in. I really love the cable pattern:

I’m now about half way through the last sleeve. I don’t think this sweater will get to be worn this winter. I think I’ll start the next one right away. It’s a ski sweater, so it would be nice if I could wear it next year. It’s time for me to be a little more realistic about my pacing.

I also didn’t realize how much I’d be skiing this year. It has been a FANTASTIC winter for skiing. I know people are starting to get tired of the snow, but after having to sit a season out and watch my family have fun while I stayed home and did chores, I was glad to get back into it. And I really did. I’m not much of a fan of the spring skiing (while the warm weather is nice, the mashed potato snow is not much fun).

Here is the one picture I think we have of all of us this year. It was a beautiful day in Vermont:

One thought on “An eternal optimist

  1. I love the sweater – and the family photo! Now that ski season is over, maybe you will have more time for knitting. 🙂

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