Something new

Wow, the last time I posted was last year. That’s pretty lame. I have been knitting but haven’t taken any pictures. I’m actually progressing nicely on my Keelin. I’m on the second front. This week Twist Collective announced a finish fest to encourage finishing those projects by February 1st. I would like to see this sweater done, so I can enjoy it this winter, so I am aiming for that!

Other than knitting, I have been skiing, which is fun. I bring my knitting with me, so when I’ve had enough I’ve got something to work on. It’s become a bit of a “thing” in the lodge with a few other parents watching the progress and very curious how it will fit me.

Unfortunately the bitter cold we’ve had in combination with the amount of work I’ve got on my plate hasn’t been too conducive for strong progress. But forward ho!

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