Well, last I wrote about the Riverbed Architecture Socks that I’m making for Chad, I thought I had done the heel wrong.

So, I tried knitting the second sock the way I thought it should work, and asked Chad to try it on. The first one fit much better (which I have to admit, if I was going to rip out a sock, I’d rather just rip out a heel, as opposed to the whole leg), so I went back.

This week I had to go to Baltimore, so I had a bit of time on the plane, and I finished sock two!

Chad is really happy with them. He even consented to model for the photos!

I’m very happy with the socks.

He’s a mid calf kind of guy. I think if it were me I’d wear them rolled, but they aren’t mine.

In the meantime I’m still working on my lightning bolt hat, and I started the Socktober Mystery Sock knit along from Through the Loops for Socktoberfest.

So far this has been a wonderful October. It’s been a bit rainy, but with the dry summer we’ve had, I can’t complain. Today was just beautiful, and I think tomorrow is supposed to be nice too. I know a lot of knitters are getting geared up for Rhinebeck (aka the NY Sheep & Wool Festival) next weekend. I have to admit, I’m not sure if I’ll head down yet. I don’t need to spend any more money, and I’m feeling like there’s a lot to do around the house these weeks. We’re starting to gear up for ski season, and this year I plan to be out on the slopes with everyone else, so I want to be prepared, physically and mentally.

Today we headed up to the mountain for their fall festival, and then back to town for Arts Walk. E had volunteered to be part of the portrait painters, and had a lot of fun. She picked out my purple slouch to wear, and got a lot of compliments on her artist’s beret!

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