This morning E and I went to yoga class. This is the third week we’ve done this, and we’re really enjoying ourselves. It’s nice to have something to do together that isn’t going to the grocery store. One of the reasons we’re doing it is in preparation for the winter. We ski. Last year I didn’t get to, as I was recovering from a knee injury and surgery. This year I will be going back out. I’m looking forward to it, but I do want to make sure I’m strong enough. So, this fall E and I are working hard to get/stay in shape. So we go to yoga on Saturdays and go biking when we can.

Last year I thought I’d get a lot more time to knit because I wasn’t skiing, but like most things, it didn’t work out quite like I expected. When E and her dad were skiing I caught up on chores (vacuuming, laundry). On race days I spent most of my time on the hill taking pictures. But I did do some knitting.

Like much of the world we enjoyed watching the winter Olympics. As you can imagine skiing was a big hit at our house. Like most knitters watching the games, not only did I enjoy seeing the athletes do what they do best, I loved seeing all the different knitwear. So did E and her dad. I tried to make the US team hat for C, but failed miserably. Fortunately what he really liked about the hat was the tassle. So, I put a tassle on his favorite hat that I’d made a few years ago, and we had a winner.

E was a little less easy to please. She didn’t want a modification, she wanted the hat Lindsey wore on the podium. I found the pattern on ravelry, and got to work. At E’s last race I had taken all the pictures in the morning, and knit like a maniac during the afternoon. It was her best race of the season, and she wanted to know if I was going to finish in time for the awards ceremony. I told her I couldn’t get it all done, but I’d have the rings done. And I did:

I realized that I hadn’t ever gotten a picture of the finished project, so tonight E & I went out and took a few pictures:



One of the best things about this hat? Other than the fact that my daughter loves it (and that it’s 2 hours later and she’s still wearing it)? When we went to Whiteface last April to watch the US Alpine Championships, they did an autograph signing in town, and we got to meet a lot of the members of the US ski team. E wore the hat to that (during the day she wore her helmet, which now has some great signatures on it as well) and the women on the team noticed her hat and and said it looked great! I have to admit it felt pretty good when E told them I made it.


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