Christmas Knitting

Well, I finished my Christmas knitting (by the skin of my teeth), but didn’t take any pictures till last weekend.

Here are the socks I made for my father in law:

I think they look best on the feet, but without a willing model here’s the pattern with a little stretching:

This is the Stalker Pattern from Yarn Ball Boogie. The yarn was Dream in Color (I need to find the tag for more information). I loved this pattern. It was simple to remember and a lot of fun to do. If I do it again, I think I’ll make them a little longer. I was a little worried about time and if I had enough yarn, so I didn’t want to mess with it at the time.

For my mother in law I wanted to try something fun and different. I’d purchased Magical Knitting by Cat Bhordi a while ago, and really wanted to try a moebius scarf. So I gave it a whirl:

I bought the yarn and needles and cast on in the shop. I was so excited to start I mis-read the instructions and instead of 9mm needles, I thought I needed size 9 US and decided to go down a size to size 8. After I’d knit about 10 rows I realized my error, but really liked the way the stitches looked, so I tore out what I’d done and re-cast on more stitches according to her chart. I wound up using three skeins instead of two, but I really liked the way it came out. Here’s a close up:

I used Noro Silk Garden Color # 245.

Both gifts were a huge hit. I wanted to give them both something special as they’ve been so generous to us over the years. Next on the gift list is my parents and many others who’ve given us so much.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Knitting

  1. Your gifts are great. No wonder they were so well received. The cables on the socks look a bit like a pair I did recently that had no stretch in them whatsoever. Seeing a auccessful project makes me wonder if I didn’t ought to try cabled socks again.

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