The dragons are here!

I finished the “Here there be dragons” socks last night, and am very happy with them.


This shot shows the front with the toe (on the right) and the heel (on the left):
Project notes:
Louet Gems Merino Sport weight in Eggplant
2.75 bamboo dp needles
Pattern: Here There Be Dragons from Theresa Walunas
Notes: I did extra garter ridges at the top of the socks. The pattern is very well written, and Theresa states very clearly to read the whole pattern before beginning — this is excellent advice, and should be followed. I was too excited to start, and thus started 3 times because of my haste. However, once rolling the stitch pattern was easy to remember and to see on the needles. I will definitely be making more of these socks.

I did finish in time to submit them for the county fair, so I will be doing that!

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