My morning commute has altered quite a bit this year, with the addition of a passenger. While I love the company, I do find myself with less time for podcast listening, so my subscription list has shrunk quite a bit over the past few months. However, I am open to new ones, especially when they include people like Clara Parkes. After having been to two Knitter’s Review Retreats, I feel like I can actually say I know her, even if we aren’t close, and I don’t think she’d recognize me on a bus. So this morning I finally caught up with VIcki Howell’s Craftish and her interview with Clara. I’m halfway through, but as always when I listen to Clara talk, my mind is racing.

I’ve got two more baby gifts to make, and while I’ve had a lot of fun with the Antler Hats and Antler Sweater I may branch out for these next two. Listening to Clara talk about swatching makes me want to sit and swatch….

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