Starting to look a lot like Christmas!

Well, as the month progresses and the holidays approach, I get more and more excited. Tomorrow we are going to a Tea Party hosted by Eliza’s Dance Company. I volunteered to make some cookies to bring. One of my favorite cookies to make and eat is Spritz – the pressed butter cookie.

They’ve been tested and approved. I made 4 batches – lots of butter was used. Now we just have to try not to eat any (more) before tomorrow afternoon.

I also decided I did indeed want to make my mother-in-law a gift for Christmas. When we went to the New England Fibre Festival last month we saw some felted birdhouses. Of course I didn’t grab a card, so I did some searching to see if I could find the vendor. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to. But what I did find was a pattern. So within minutes (I love the internet) I’d downloaded it and had committed myself to some holiday knitting! Yarn has been procured, and I’ll be casting on this evening!

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Are you getting excited for the holidays?

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