I’ve now started Eliza’s cowl three times. The first time, I decided my gauge didn’t work, and I thought the yarn might work better with wooden needles.

So, I picked up a Knitter’s Pride circulars, and cast on again. I joined and kept going. When I got to the join I thought it looked twisted, but thought I was mistaken and kept knitting. When I got around the second time it was pretty evident – twisted.

So, rip it out I did. I cast on again that night, but went to be before I joined the stitches. When I woke up I realized I wanted more stitches on the needle. So, I pulled it out again, and cast on 234 stitches.

I’ve now done nearly three repeats of the pattern, and it’s taking shape.

I’m just not sure about why I seem to be making so many mistakes these days. I’m really beginning to wonder if my knitting is jinxed.

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