Back and Forth

I have one child. Like most children she has a lot of interests. We tend to encourage her to try things so she can experience as much as possible. Each season brings a new concentration. One of her serious interests is dance. While classes are based on the school year, fall is one of the busier dance season with classes and rehearsals for her school’s Nutcracker shows.

When you live in a rural area most destinations require driving. Which means she needs a ride. I know this and accept it. Usually I am fine, but on Sunday when I was driving to the studio for the third time in 5 days I started to lose it in my head. I was cataloguing all the things I needed to do, and what I wanted to do, and driving 30 miles wasn’t on that list.

I even whined on Twitter:

I got over it. It’s just how things are, and I’d rather she be doing rather than sitting. I also remembered how our drive times are often when we catch up. I find out what’s going on at school, and we can chat just the two of us. In 7 years she’ll be driving herself, and I’ll get to take care of things without interruptions.

And I’ll miss those drives.

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