Do I know what lace is?

So, Eliza decide she’d like one of those “big scarf that you can wrap around your neck twice, or put over your head, like a hood. You, know, the kind that Clarissa* has?” Okay, so I don’t know who Clarissa* is but I can guess what the scarf is like – a large loopy cowl, or the infinity scarf that was popular last year. I told her I could probably make one of those. To which she said, “and can it have holes in it? Not bad holes, but like lace – do you know what lace is, Mommy?”

I love this kid. She didn’t ask it like I’m a moron, just trying to explain what she was thinking. Writing it down it sounds like she’s a condescending little twerp – but she isn’t. When I laughed out loud she realized that I probably would know what lace was and she was worried that she’d offended me. So I had to reassure her she hadn’t. Communication and respect, I tell ya!

So, today we stopped by our local yarn store, The Warm Ewe, becuse Eliza wanted to ask Lorraine, the owner, if she’d hang up a poster for The Nutcracker. I took advantage of the visit to pick up some buttons for my cowl. Originally Eliza and I had thought I’d use some yarn I had leftover from my Tang Sweater that I’d knit a couple of years (actually after I looked up the post, I learned it was THREE) ago. However, after five minutes in the store, she found a lovely cowl made of baby alpaca, and the hunt was on for the same yarn in a different color. We didn’t get the exact same yarn. Instead, she found some Misti Alpaca Chunky. So we got three skeins and a pattern for a feather and fan cowl. So, I know what my next project is:


And while I told her it had to wait till I finished my cowl, I may be casting it on tonight.

*name has been changed because I can’t remember the young woman’s name, and it isn’t necessary to the story

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