Meeting in the middle

What a wonderful day! As many knitters know this weekend was the NY Sheep and Wool Festival. Hard as it is to believe after reading blog posts and twitter feeds this week, not everyone does know about it. Regardless, it is an event that I like to go to, since we live relatively close to it. My sister lives in NYC, so it made sense to touch base with her, and meet her at the show. Fortunately it worked out for her, so E & and I headed on down the road this morning to pick up Emily at the train station. We made it with little mishap (however I should have skipped the online maps and simply relied on the signs that said “train station”) and then headed up to the fairgrounds. One lesson I need to learn is to not rely on my memory and the booklet. Through the weeks pre-show I see things and people I want to look for and make mental notes – and never put it down in a cohesive plan. This year was no different. However I found most of what I wanted to see – found Jennie the Potter’s booth – but unfortunately it looked like Saturday had cleaned her out. Getting one of her mugs is going to become a mission for me if I’m not careful.

I checked out a number of vendors that I wanted to and found some that I hadn’t heard of. What I really wanted to do was meet some authors. I was so excited to meet Vicki Stiefel and have the opportunity to chat with her for a bit. I’ve been eyeing 10 Secrets of the Laidback Knitters since it came out, but I’ve been holding off on buying any books until the festival, as it’s so much fun to meet the authors, and today was no exception.

I headed over to Cooperative Press to see Shannon Okey and let her know I love what she’s doing as an independent publisher. I have to admit I’d hoped to meet Heather Ordover as well, but she was out and about.

We all had a good time. E found some yarn she wants to use to make a scarf, and the BUST DYI book – she’s excited about all the practical tips and tricks it contains.

I did get some yarn at Green Mountain Spinnery, Capricorn – their new bulky yarn.
Capricorn Yarn

I’m going to use this to make a Chicknits Maximus. So a new project should be starting up soon. I want to keep pushing on the Dale, but I think it would be good to have a different project in a larger weight to break things up a bit.

It really was a beautiful day. E took a bunch of pictures, but I haven’t uploaded them yet.

Here are a few from my phone:

Plenty of cute fiber animals:




It was a wonderful day. I’m so glad Emily could come with us!

One thought on “Meeting in the middle

  1. “however I should have skipped the online maps and simply relied on the signs that said “train station””

    Ha. Ha ha ha ha ha! Did Google Maps let you down?

    Glad to hear that, despite your minor mishap, you had a nice day!

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