What’s the first rule of knitting?

Okay maybe the first rule is check your guage. If that’s number one then I guess I need to review number two.

Read the directions. And then keep reading them. I’ve read the directions but somehow thought I was supposed to work the sleeve for 18″ before starting the pattern.

HAH! It was supposed to be 20cm or 7-7/8″. I realized this while waiting for a new foot x-ray. Because to put the cherry on my sundae of a week, I fell on my foot that was looking SO good after surgery. Now it doesn’t look so good.

So while waiting to hear if I really messed it up I ripped out 40 some-odd rows.


The good news is that now I just got the needles back in. So tomorrow I hope to start pattern 3. Perhaps my next post will have some real progress.

The other good news is I didn’t really mess up my foot. It’s swollen and sore, but the pin is still where it’s supposed to be.

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