Keelin Progress

I’m not holding my breath that I’ll finish Keelin by the end of November for NaKniSweMo. Regardless, I am having a great time knitting this sweater.

At this point the back is about 10 inches long. I need to get to 13 before I start the sleeve decreases. The sweater has not been without its drama. At one point last night I realised that one of the twist cables took a wrong turn, so I dropped down to correct it. At one point I realized I’d purled when I should have knit. I tend to listen to a lot of podcasts. I have a bit of a commute (about a half hour) and I find it’s a great time to listen to podcasts. Most of them are knitting related. I may try to talk about the ‘casts I subscribe to at some point. The point of all this rambling is that just last week I was listening to the Knit Girls, a mother-daughter knitting production. They were discussing what to call the knitting that doesn’t require a lot of thinking. Gigi felt that “mindless knitting” devalued the effort that went into getting to the point one can knit without deliberating (where do I come up with these “words?”) each stitch. I bring this up, because whatever we call it, apperently I should think more, because maybe then my cables wouldn’t take wrong turns. Maybe.

Meanwhile, Calvin is wondering why I’ve got the yarn on the floor but won’t let him play with it:

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