Flap Happy Hat – very happy!

When Spud & Chloe launched last year, I was intrigued. The logo caught my eye (gotta love marketing, seriously). I was intrigued with the fun colors, the fun patterns and the attitude surrounding the product. So, when my mom, sister and I headed to Webs Yarn Store early this year, I knew I wanted to get something to try. I’d seen ads and information on the Flap Happy Hat, and pretty much knew it was something E would like. It had some key features that fit her demanding criteria:

  • It was colorful
  • It was a hat
  • It was funky
  • It had POMPONS!
    So, that was the one I went for. I got the pattern and the yarn, with one substitution. They recommend a darker blue. However my little girl has deemed light blue (basically the Tiffany Box Blue) to be her favorite color, so I swapped that for the darker one. 

    I brought it home, and then the yarn sat. There were other things to knit, things to do, and I got distracted. (Surprise!)

    So, later this year, I finished some stuff, including a hat, and decided it was time to get to this one. Part of my motivation was the fact that E is wearing the stuff I make for her. She loves her sweater, but it does itch (of course if she’d wear more than a t-shirt underneath it, it may help, but I digress). Most of all she loves the hats. The one I made for her, the one I made for me, the frog one we got at Rhinebeck last year, it doesn’t matter. The kid loves to accessorize.

    Well, once I started this thing, I was in love. The yarn is WONDERFUL. I forget how much I love a cotton wool blend. it’s got the shine of cotton but the stretch of wool. The colors are fun, and the pattern? Very addictive. So I cast on, and it was done pretty quick. Weaving in ends, not so much fun, but the excitement I could feel from the other end of the room pushed me along. I’m not a great pompon maker, but I forged ahead, and did those too.

    I actually took a progress shot of the hat, with the best of intentions of posting an update.

    However, rather sitting down and typing I found myself drawn to continue to knit. So, within about 10 days or so, I was done.

    And the work? Definitely worth it.


    Now, back to working on my sweater!

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