Progress and finishing: kid’s knitting

Well, it appears that I need to do a little catch up. I have been knitting and thinking a lot about new projects. I did finally finish the pieces of Pieman:

Now I need to assemble it. I did delay that for two reasons, as the weather finally became seasonal in August and we saw days in the 80’s. Now that the days are getting cooler I can see putting the sweater together. The knitting has been fun on this project, although the sleeves did seem to take much longer than they should. Good think my kid’s not an octopus.

Now that the school year is started I guess I’d better finish the spirit socks. I’ve got a foot and one “D.”
Since I’m pretty much winging these, the letters are a little larger than I expected, so these are most likely going to be knee socks. so I have to figure some increases in the legs.

I’ve got some more to share, but I think I’d better pace myself. And tomorrow’s Thursday, maybe I’ll be able to post a Booking through Thursday post.

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