Planning for fall, and beyond

The knitting continues. After finishing the first Cleopatra sock, I decided I needed a simpler sock to work on in the car and traveling. I cast on a nanner sock!
nanner sock

I’ve finished one, and have gone back to the cleopatra socks. No photos, the second looks a lot like the first.

Today I picked up a book I’ve been eyeing, Simply Shetland 4. I’ve been interested in Eunny Jang’s Autumn Rose Pullover for a while now. The reason I was interested in it was that I have a lot of shetland yarn in my stash that I’ve been itching to use since I gave up on a project years ago. Of course there’s a story.

About 10 years ago or so I was lucky enough to take a class with Karen Allen on color knitting. The class was focused on designing your own pattern and executing it. I was a little ambitious. I got pretty far on the sweater, but found it a little frustrating as each row took me an hour to knit:
sweater design

I finally realized that this sweater wasn’t meant to be, and put it to one side. I love the colors, and didn’t want the yarn or what I learned to go to waste, so I designed and knit a sweater for E:
small sweater

It looked really cute till she outgrew it. My only frustration was the buttons, that kept breaking.

So, now I have this:

And I think it would work for the Autumn Rose Sweater. So, I’ll sit and figure out if I have enough yarn and in the right contrasting colors to make it work. This should be fun!

7 thoughts on “Planning for fall, and beyond

  1. what a great re-do. the revised sweater is much more engaging. this is something like what my spouse did with the pattern of the baby quilt, except he did it afterwards. now your planning ahead–that’s impressive.

    thanks for the recent good wishes. yours, naomi

  2. Have you ever read Sally Melville’s Styles book? The book deals with using your stash to make something unique. You already have the main concept down with your re-use idea. She says in the book it is OK to supplement a little from your LYS to get enough for your project.

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