Stitch Markers!

Okay, so I guess it’s not always about knitting. I’d been seeing the beaded stitch markers all over the web, and had definitely been coveting them. Well, during a routine web search I found this page. It was especially serendipitous, as I’d been at Wal-Mart earlier and had been thinking the clasp rings would make great stitch markers. The frugal part of me shied away from the purchase not because of the cost of the rings, but the tools necessary to make the pretty stitch markers… Lo and behold, my handy mother-in-law has the most amazing craft room with the most amazing stuff including beading tools and some glass beads to try out. So I played a little, and the next day went and got some pin wires and ring clasps to try some more.

Tonight E helped me put together some stitch markers. She assembled the beads — all but two on the rings are her own designs — and I crimped the wires. I’m still learning, but it sure was fun, and now I have 7 nifty and pretty stitch markers!

Well, I have to finish casting off my square, and make some new pom pons for a baby hat I knit last month for a friend who’s little guy is due at the end of the month.

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